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Back to School Update and Re-Registration

​​​​​Log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal/Go to Forms on the Left Side/Start with Form A - Enrollment Verification


1. Families are required to provide current proofs of residency, along with updating family data and emergency contact information for all returning students.


2. Beginning on July 11, please log in to your Parent Portal account

3. Go to Forms on the left side, and under Back to School Forms, click on Form A - Enrollment Verification. Forms must be completed by a parent/guardian.

4. You must fill out the forms for each of your students. 







The Back to school forms can also be completed through the PowerSchool Mobile app.


If you do not have the app:

  1. App Store
  2. Search for PowerSchool
  3. Select the app and click download                


4. Open the app and type the district code  ZGDG


5. Log into your account using your Powerschool Parent Account username and password. Forms must be completed by a parent/guardian.



6.  At the bottom of the app click where it says MORE, select FORMS



7. Click on A-Enrollment Verification to start the process 




What is the Back to School Update?

The Back to School Update is our electronic method for submitting all of your students’ annual forms, updating contact information, and providing current proofs of residency. 

Reminder:  The Back to School Update is only for returning students. If you have registered a NEW or KINDERGARTEN student for 2022-2023 you DO NOT need to submit the Back to School update for that child.


What information is required?

When you log in to the PowerSchool - Parent Portal, you will be updating information for each of your students such as emergency contacts, medical information, approval of annual agreements, etc. 

This year you will be required to provide current residency proofs (see below for details).


***You may want to gather all of the information you need before starting the process. However, you will not need to complete this process in one sitting. It may take approximately 5 minutes per student to complete the process. You may log in at any time between July 11th and August 12th.


How do I find the Back to School Forms?

1. Go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal at and sign in to your parent account.  

2. Please only use one parent’s account to log in and complete the Back to School update.

3. Once you are logged in to PowerSchool, click the Forms link in the left-hand column:

4. Click on the link under Back to School Forms - A- Enrollment Verification:


5. Once you submit the Enrollment Verification Form, additional forms will become available.

6. Complete all forms for each of your students. Return to the Forms 


To start the forms for a different student, click on the name at the top of your screen



(Reminder: If you have incoming Kindergarteners or any students new to the district in 2022-2023, you will not see them in the list. They will be added to your account in the fall. They do not need to be updated at this time. )

8. You should see this final message after completing the last form:



Residency Proofs

The Form will ask you to upload 2 proofs of residency into the system.  Be prepared to have the documents available as an electronic document, PDF or image:


  1. Primary Proof of Residency​​​​

  • Homeowners: a current mortgage statement, property tax bill or deed

  • Renters: a current, signed lease with start/end dates


  1. Secondary Proof of Residency: All residents must provide a current utility bill or other current legal mail received by you at your Millburn address



Address Changes/Withdrawals:

If you are moving and need to submit an address change or are withdrawing your student: 

  • Before July 11 – log in to PowerSchool and click on Address Change Form or Withdrawal Form

  • From July 11 to August 12 – submit your address change or withdrawal through the Back to School Forms 


What if I need PowerSchool account help?

You must know how to log in to your parent portal account and have all of your children connected to your account. If you need assistance with your PowerSchool account, please email [email protected] with your name, your student(s) names, dates of birth and grades in 2022-2023, and your PowerSchool issue.


What if I am away and cannot access PowerSchool?

Please contact [email protected] if you will be unable to complete your Back to School Update during the open weeks to make alternative arrangements.


PowerSchool is not accessible outside of the U.S., so please complete the process before leaving, or email us if you will not be in the country during the update window. 


Thank you.