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Before/After School Care Programs 2018-2019

Beginning in September, there will be two options for school district families for before and after school care available in our school buildings:


  • The SAM Program at Glenwood, available to all district families.  (Transportation from the other elementary schools will still be offered as in the past)


  • AlphaBEST, implementing programs at Deerfield, Hartshorn, South Mountain, Wyoming and Washington.

Both companies are offering these requested services for the convenience of our district families.


Learn more about both of these programs:


  • SAM Program

SAM stands for Students After School in Millburn. The SAM program “is a fun, comfortable place to go after school to enjoy a good time, great food, friends, hobbies, sports and to do homework…” SAM is available to all students in Milburn from Kindergarten through Middle School. SAM also provides programming for District students on school breaks.


Questions?:  Email for further details

  • AlphaBEST:

Take a look at the AlphaBEST website at to learn more about their approach and offerings. For information on upcoming registration, visit the Millburn Township AlphaBEST page at



AlphaBEST will be hosting an Open House at Deerfield Elementary School on Thursday, June 20, 2019 from 6:30- 8:00 PM. ​​​​​​​